Write a one page double spaced 250 word essay about one of the following Splenda The opinion paragraph 2023

2023 Write a one page double spaced 250 word essay about one of the following Splenda The opinion paragraph

Biology 2023 Splenda


Write a one-page (double-spaced 250 word essay) about one of the



The opinion paragraph should be a concisely written paragraph about a

specific subject in which you present an argument “for” or “against” a

topic. For example, do you believe Splenda is safe to use? Your opinion

must be based on a reliable source, whether a website, magazine, or

research article. Your article should contain:

1. Information about the topic. What is Splenda, for example.

2. What is the controversy that surrounds the topic?

Provide an argument, based on at least one reference, whether the

product is safe or not. Ways that you can begin:

1. Splenda is harmful to your health. According to Dr. John Palmer

from Harvard University,

2. Splenda has been safe to consume, according to the USDA.

Include at least one acceptable reference (see below):

Harvard School of Public Health


Food and Nutrition Information Center

Nutrition Action Newsletter

Web MD

Health Finder

Health Day (Consumer Health News)

Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS)

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