Write a 150 minimum word What are the so called good and bad carbs What 2023

2023 Write a 150 minimum word What are the so called good and bad carbs What

Biology 2023 for perfecto

 Write a 150-minimum word

What are the so called “good and bad carbs?” What do we call empty calories? How many calories do we need to move our body every day? Are you aware of the balance between carb intake and fiber intake? How carbs and fiber work together in the body? Please explain.

Write a 150-minimum word

 What processed sugars and sweets can trigger in the human  body? How many spoons of processed sugar are in 12 oz soda can? Why artificial sweetens can be detrimental in the long term for our kidneys? IS it better diet soda than regular soda or vice versa? Please explain.


Write a 150-minimum word

 What is one benefit of eating a dinner high in whole grains? What can you do to ensure you are eating enough whole grains for dinner?Why is it important to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol? What can you do to minimize your saturated fat and cholesterol intake?

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