use one PAGE for animal AMERICAN KESTEREL AND use one PAGE for plant SAWEET GUM 2023

2023 use one PAGE for animal AMERICAN KESTEREL AND use one PAGE for plant SAWEET GUM

Biology 2023 Question-Answer

use one PAGE for animal:



use one PAGE for plant


to answer these 10 questions for both (AMERICAN KESTEREL) as an animal and same 10 questions for (SAWEET GUM) as a plant complete and short answer.and the source as what he asked. just write the number of the question and the answer.

 1. What is the scientific name of your plant or animal?

 2. To which family does it belong? Use the technical name that ends dae in-idae or -aceae. 

3. What is the range (geographical distribution) of your species? 

4.Where would you expect to find one of your species? In other words, what habitat? 

5. Did you find other common names for your species? What are they?

 6. What is the phylum of your species? The botanists sometimes use the term division instead of phylum for plants.

 7. What are some diagnostic traits of your species? In other words, how can you distinguish it from its nearest relatives? 

8. What is an evolutionary adaptation of your species that helps it survive? 

9. Give another interesting fact that you learned about your species. 

10. Name the kingdom to which your species belongs. For the animal (not the plant), give also the name of the order to which it belongs.

 List below three BOOKS you used to get your answers. You may use the intemet, but you still must cite three books. For the BOOKS, give the title, author(s), year published, city where published, call number, and page(s) where you found some answers..




The attachment file is an example of solution method and sources

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