Topic Contract research organization COVANCE is the main Include the following Overview 2023

2023 Topic Contract research organization COVANCE is the main Include the following Overview

Biology 2023 CRO

Topic : Contract research organization: COVANCE is the main

Include the following:

  • Overview & Details of the business: URL, location, number of employees, date founded.
  • Details of services: what services do they offer? Who are these services aimed at? Are they focused on a niche or do they provide an integrated portfolio of services?
  • Contracting: are there any details of who contracts with this company and why?
  • Key players: who are the key players in the business? 
  • Analysis: do you think the company is successful CXO? How scalable is their business?
  • Financial: any financial details available?
  • Future plans: any indications of future plans for the business? 
  • Reference: any sources of information you use in your report

2 pages, APA format, references include

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