Select a person with whom you are going to interview You will approach someone who you know Think 2023

2023 Select a person with whom you are going to interview You will approach someone who you know Think

Biology 2023 interview

  1. Select a person with whom you are going to interview.  You will approach someone who you know.
  2. Think about what you want to learn about the person and create a list of 5 questions that you are going to use as prompts.  Review what Cashman is saying about using good prompts.  Good prompts help you and your interviewee develop meaningful conversations.
  3. Explain to the person that you are going to interview that you are interviewing the person for your class assignment. Think about this process as getting an unofficial consent from the person.  Please make sure that they agree with you to share the conversations between you and them (interview results) with me.
  4. Set up a time for your interview.
  5. Conduct a 30-60 minutes interview.  Take good notes (utilize your filednote-taking skills that you have gained from the first and second Ethnographic Investigation projects.)  You are not including transcripts in your paper but you still need good notes.
  6. After coming back to your desk, reviewing your notes.  What information do you have in your notes?  Remember, anthropologists try to understand culture holistically. 
  • Information about your interviewee
  • Information about when, where and how you interviewed the person
  • Write the stories you have listened to during the interview
  • New things about the person that you have learned from this project
  • A thoughtful reflection of your interview experience

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