Review of the leadership structure

Review of the leadership structure

In my organization, the standard structure of leadership begins from the Chairman of the organization and the board of directors, whose role is to come up with goals and objectives and also provide a direction for the business organization. The CEO of the organization reports directly to the board of directors. He also has the responsibility of running the organization in line with the objectives set by the organization.

The operations manager in this case reports to the chief executive officer and its functions is to manage the organization’s operations. He has the responsibility of overseeing production administering departments, etc. down the line is the financial officer whose role is to handle the finances of the organization and overseeing treasury and accounting functions.

Processes proposed for policy change

In my organization, we have an unofficial and official policy on how we conduct our business. The following are the processes proposed for policy change:

Hiring processes- the proposed policy in this manner is employing a qualified person regardless to his or her ethnic group, avoid hiring minority applicants, trying to hire employees from the local community, and discrimination during the hiring process.

Compensation- this is in regard to options in stock, regular raises, starting salary and fringe benefits for all employees. The policy to include the difference between the pay of those at the top and those at the bottom and it should reflect the employee’s view of the business.

Employee-employer relations- this organization policy outlines how employees should be treated since they have a significant influence not only to the organization itself but also to the general community. The proposed change should touch things like promotion, workplace education, generous benefits, and encouragement and reward the employees fairly.

Employer community relationships-this is especially in supporting the community projects, trying to be good people to the community, offering workers a paid release time to work for projects within the community and responding positively to the concerns in the community such as pollution.

Ethics and practices-unethical and illegal practices should be avoided in the organization.

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