Respond to each number in a minimum of 175 words 1 What 2023

2023 Respond to each number in a minimum of 175 words 1 What

Biology 2023 Victimology

 Respond to each number in a minimum of 175 words:

 1. What measures should the criminal justice system, social service agencies, and the healthcare community take to reduce intimate partner violence (IPV) victimization? How can these measures make a difference?

 2. As the laws for people in the United States change, do our prison communities also need to evolve so we are providing humane living conditions as defined in our U.S. Constitution? 

Put yourself in the position of an incarcerated victim. Would being victimized in prison make you more likely to continue being a victim or would you use other coping strategies? What are the consequences of prison victimization?

How has federal legislation, such as the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), addressed violence and victimization within correctional facilities at the federal, state, and local levels of jurisdiction?

 3.  Why do you think males and minorities have higher rates of workplace victimization than do females and non-minority workers?

 4. What is the piece of federal legislation on victims’ rights that is most important for victims of crime? Explain your answer.

How has the passage of federal legislation on victims’ rights impacted state and local communities?

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