Question 1 Which of the following is not a requirement for a good metaphysical theory Factual adequacy 2023

2023 Question 1 Which of the following is not a requirement for a good metaphysical theory Factual adequacy

Biology 2023 PHIL 201 QUIZS 3


Question 1 

  1. Which of the following is not a      requirement for a good metaphysical theory?


Factual adequacy


Acceptance by the majority of   philosophers


Logical consistency


Explanatory power

3 points   

Question 2 

  1. Which of the following statements      are not true according to Hasker.


Some philosophers consider religion   to be irrational


Religious authority is not a valid   basis for philosophical assertions


If religious authority were a valid   basis for philosophical assertions, philosophy no longer would be an   independent discipline.


Religious philosophers should abandon   their religious convictions when doing philosophy.

3 points   

Question 3 

  1. If a theory is inconsistent that      means everything asserted by the theory is wrong.



3 points   

Question 4 

  1. One rule of thumb in doing      metaphysics is the recognition that there are some beliefs that should      never be challenged or questioned.



3 points   

Question 5 

  1. A good metaphysical theory should      be characterized by explanatory power.



3 points   

Question 6 

  1. Concerning Max (who stole the      hubcaps), Hasker claims that Max is morally responsible for stealing the      hubcaps, but did not have freedom of choice in stealing the hubcaps.



3 points   

Question 7 

  1. According to Hasker, determinism      claims that people never make choices.



3 points   

Question 8 

  1. For compatibilism a choice is      considered free if the:


Agent is free to choose otherwise


Agent is acting on his desires


The choice is not ultimately based on   prior causes


There is no proximate cause involved.

3 points   

Question 9 

  1. According to Hasker, a      misconception that some have of libertarianism:


God cannot be sovereign if man is   free


Free will means that man can do   absolutely anything he chooses


Free choices are random events


It is not compatible with   determinism.

3 points   

Question 10 

  1. According to Hasker, divine      foreknowledge means:


God determines everything that will   happen in the future.


God knows all things before they will   happen


God knows all things timelessly


God knows all things at the present   time

3 points   

Question 11 

  1. Emergentism states that the mind      is produced by the brain and therefore is identical with the brain.



3 points   

Question 12 

  1. Which of the following is not a      common objection to Materialism?


Materialism has not been successful   in eliminating mental properties, which leaves unanswered the question of   their origin


There is a legitimate question about   whether all human thought can be explained in purely physical terms


Materialism is not compatible with   life after death


Materialism is not accepted by most   contemporary philosophers.

3 points   

Question 13 

  1. On the question of life after      death, John Hick proposes a theory that involves total annihilation of the      entire person, including the soul, at death.



3 points   

Question 14 

  1. Based on his discussion of John      Hick’s examples of resurrection, which of the following statements would      Hasker NOT agree to?


It must be a   person’s exact original body that is resurrected


If total personal   annihilation and re-creation are true, the person who is resurrected cannot   be identical with the person who died


Materialism is   logically incompatible with life after death.


Emergentism is   logically incompatible with life after death.

3 points   

Question 15 

  1. Which of the following statements      is true about philosophical Materialism?


Mental properties do not exist


Materialism is motivated by a desire   to have a completely scientific understanding of human nature.


Materialism shares the same   weaknesses as Dualism


The mind and the body are not   identical, although they interact

3 points   

Question 16 

  1. Which view attempts to solve the      mind/body problem by appealing to God’s involvement:









3 points   

Question 17 

  1. Which of these is an example of an      essential  property?


The color of a car


A human hand


The roots of a tree


The leaves of a tree

3 points   

Question 18 

  1. Which of the following is NOT a      characteristic of substances:


Substances are   particular things


Substances are   necessary and unchanging


Substances are   fundamental existants


Substances have   causal powers

3 points   

Question 19 

  1. According to Dr. Baggett, which of      the following best describes libertarian free will:


For every choice I make, I could have   chosen otherwise.


Free choice is fulfilling what I want   to do.


God does not know what we will freely   choose to do.


God determines what we will freely   choose to do.

3 points   

Question 20 

  1. According to Dr. Baggett, the      reason secularists are drawn to compatibilism is that it is consistent      with naturalism.



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