Question 1 According to the reading Abraham was an example of blind faith True False 2023

2023 Question 1 According to the reading Abraham was an example of blind faith True False

Biology 2023 PHIL 201 QUIZ 1


Question 1 

  1. According to the reading, Abraham      was an example of blind faith.



3 points   

Question 2 

  1. The study of biology would be      considered a


first-order discipline


second-order discipline


third-order discipline


multi-ordered discipline

3 points   

Question 3 

  1. Philosophy is mostly interested in      discovering new factual data.



3 points   

Question 4 

  1. A statement about what a person      ought to do is called:


an indicative claim


a rational claim


a normative claim


a legislative claim

3 points   

Question 5 

  1. Which of the following are      philosophers concerned about:


the nature of reality


the reason why we believe what we   believe


the method we use to discover truth


all of the above

3 points   

Question 6 

  1. Our intellectual appetite is a      natural desire to know and understand.



3 points   

Question 7 

  1. Bertrand Russell thought      philosophy was important because: 


It is necessary to establish our   worldview. 


It affects our daily choices. 


It rids us of dogmatism and   prejudices. 


It clarifies our beliefs.

3 points   

Question 8 

  1. Adopting the philosophical mindset      is more like a job than a vocation.



3 points   

Question 9 

  1. By saying worldview is consistent      we mean that:


There are no contradictions in the   worldview.


The worldview can account for new   knowledge.


The beliefs of the worldview mutually   support one another.


The worldview has the best   explanatory power.

3 points   

Question 10 

  1. What should one do if one      encounters a new belief that creates inconsistency in a one’s set of      beliefs:


Adjust the set to account for the new   belief.


Abandon the set of beliefs and create   a new one.


Abandon the new belief as it doesn’t   fit with the established set.


Go with whatever the strongest   evidence points to.

3 points   

Question 11 

  1. One finds a general principle in Scripture      and then attempts to apply it to an example in current times. The      presentation describes this process as:




Ladder of   abstraction





3 points   

Question 12 

  1. The three elements listed in      the reading that fulfill the biblical mandate to develop a Christian      philosophical mindset would include one of the following:


sharing the gospel to those   with other worldviews


construction of a neutral   worldview


systematic theology


refuting philosophies contrary   to Christianity

3 points   

Question 13 

  1. How does the story in Acts 17      demonstrate the value of reason:


Paul contrasts vain philosophy with   philosophy according to Christ.


The Bereans are praised as being   noble for their use of reason.


Abraham trusted God for good reasons.


Paul contrasts arguments set against   God with thoughts captive to Christ.

3 points   

Question 14 

  1. The passage that says we should      always be prepared to offer a defense for the hope within us:


I Pet 3:15


II Cor 10:5


Col 2:8


I Tim 2:15

3 points   

Question 15 

  1. What was Paul doing in Col 2:


Reasoning in the synagogue about the   resurrection of Jesus.


Offering final instructions about the   administration of the church.


Defending his apostleship.


Addressing a heresy that had invaded   the local church.

3 points   

Question 16 

  1. By “critical usage” of      scripture is meant:


take into account the   historical context and literary context.


one should approach scripture   with a negative bias against it


only appeal to scripture when   no other evidence is available


only appeal to scripture with   unbelievers.

3 points   

Question 17 

  1. The Bible adequately addresses      almost every philosophical issue and question.



3 points   

Question 18 

  1. Which of the following was      NOT within the guidelines recommended for the “critical use” of scripture      in doing philosophy:


recognize the difference   between the text and your interpretation of the text.


be open to alternative   interpretations of difficult texts


take seriously the historical   interpretations of the church


support all your philosophical   beliefs with scriptural quotes

3 points   

Question 19 

  1. We are having a debate about organ      transplants and the lack of available organs.  You suggest that      organs should be available to those who can pay for them. I argue the rich      would buy all the available organs and that wouldn’t be fair to those who      can’t afford to pay for organs.  Under which branch of philosophy      would you place our discussion:


Philosophy of science


Philosophy of medicine




Philosophy of law

3 points   

Question 20 

  1. In the presentation we answered      the misconception that there are no answers to most philosophical      questions by saying:


That is the nature   of philosophy.


Actually there are   usually many answers.


It’s all relative.


It depends on your   perspective.

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