Organizational Leadership and Regional Commerce – Decision Making


Career: Organizational Leadership and Regional Commerce (Needed to answer question #1)

Page minimum: 5 pages

The science of decision making is a young one. There is still much to discover about how/why people make the decisions they do. For this assignment I want you to perform a decision making experiment that will expand our knowledge of how people make decisions. This assignment should include:

1.) A well written description of the type of decision you are studying and what we already know about decisions of this sort, i.e. research of this type of decision.

2.) A good enough description of your experiment that I could replicate it if I wanted to.

3.) A thoughtful analysis of the results of your experiment. E.g. a graph or table that makes it clear what you found.

4.) A discussion of what your results mean and what they tell us about how people make decisions. 

5.) A list of future studies that could further our understanding of Decision Making based on what you discovered or improvements to your methods.


One student did an experiment that looked at weather people at a dog park picked up the dog poo more when other people were around or if they were by themselves (the student apartment was overlooking the park). In this experiment they demonstrated the importance of social decision making and how people’s willingness to follow rules changed in different circumstances.

See my dissertation (attached below) for general structural guidance. My report will obviously be more in depth but hopefully you can get guidance from the structure and how I laid out the past research (Introduction), how I did the experiments (Methods), what I found (Results) and what these results mean (Discussion and future suggestions).

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