No more than 6 bullet points per slide No more than 10 words on each bullet point All explanation should 2023

2023 No more than 6 bullet points per slide No more than 10 words on each bullet point All explanation should

Biology 2023 Biology

  • No more than 6 bullet points per slide
  • No more than 10 words on each bullet point
  • All explanation should be in the slide notes – all slide notes must be CITED.
  • Maximum word count for slide notes = 250 words per slide
  • Must have an Introduction slide and a conclusion slide
  • All images must have an in-text citation underneath them and their full reference should go in the references slide(s) 

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation outlining the process of light reaction in photosynthesis. Include the following points and principles in your presentation:

  • Present anatomical features and organelles needed to carry out photosynthesis (guard cells, stomata, parenchyma cells, inner and outer membrane of the chloroplast, stroma, grana, and thylakoid).
  • Provide a diagram that explains the major steps in the light reactions of photosynthesis. What are some ingredients and products of the light reactions of photosynthesis? Describe how these reactions take place, step by step.
  • Present two diagrams showing the cyclic and noncyclic path traveled by an electron during the electron transport chain. What does each chain accomplish?   
  • Describe the process of ATP synthesis at the thylakoid membrane. Does ATP synthesis take place in thylakoid membranes that are in the dark? Explain your answer.
  • Describe the three phases of the Calvin cycle. Discuss whether this cycle occurs in the light, the dark, or both. What are the products of the Calvin cycle? 
  • What reactants of the Calvin cycle are products of the light reactions? What reactants of the light reactions are products of the Calvin cycle?
  • Explain how photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide to carbohydrates using ATP and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH).
  • Review the key points of photosynthesis. Conclude with one major contribution of photosynthesis to all life forms.

Include elegant graphics and a reference slide with citations for photos, cartoons, diagrams, or other references.


Cite your sources according to APA guidelines. See the Center for Writing Excellence for more information on using APA style. A minimum of 2 references is required and a maximum of 2 direct quotes is acceptable. BOTH In-text citations and references are required or the assignment will be classified as plagiarism and will not be graded.


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