In the mid 1950s the first study linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer was 2023

2023 In the mid 1950s the first study linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer was

Biology 2023 biology 6

In the mid-1950s, the  first study linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer     was published. In the  decades that followed, many other studies supported this    finding and a host of  other health-related effects attributed to smoking were    uncovered. 

Over the last few  decades, cities and states have created local regulations    prohibiting smoking  in certain public places. In 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug    Administration was  given regulatory authority of all tobacco products. 

Chapter 20 of your  textbook begins with a comparison of two sources of       inhalable nicotine:  traditional tobacco cigarettes and E-cigarettes. Because      E-cigarettes are a  relatively new technology, less is known about the       long-term  effects of the  firsthand and secondhand inhalation of vaping       products. However,  in recent  years they have been treated and regulated       similarly to traditional   cigarettes.  

 Your assignment for this    unit is to create a 10- to  12-slide PowerPoint  presentation that covers the     following elements:

  • the  anatomy and physiology of respiration (e.g., explain how breathing                        works);
  • the  effects of the inhalation of smoke and E-cigarette vapor on gas                        exchange in the  lungs;
  • specific diseases associated with smoking, both pulmonary and                         cardiovascular; and
  • lastly,  based on what you know about E-cigarettes from the reading and                        your own  research, defend or oppose the regulation of vaping            products   as           traditional  cigarettes. 

You will need to cite and reference at least one article from the CSU        Library databases as one of your sources of information. 

CSU  Library Database Instructions

  • Open  the CSU Online Library link in your student portal.
  • Under “discovery search,” click the tab for “articles.””
  • In  the keyword search field, type keyword “vaping” and/or “E-cigarette”                            to find  articles that cover this topic. You may get        different         results         doing      separate searches for each        keyword. The   keywords       “electronic         cigarette” may      also be        used. 
  • From  the list of available articles that comes up, select one that                            interests  you.
  • Click  on the article link, then click on “PDF full text or HTML full                            text,” and read  the article. (Note: Not all articles will          provide     the     full           text; if your choice  does not, you    will       have to   select   a     different           article.)
  • Discuss  what you learned from your chosen articles in 1-2 slides in                            your presentation.  Cite the article according to APA        guidelines,     and     list             it on your references  slide.

PowerPoint slides  should not contain a lot of text; use speaker notes to       provide the details of  your presentation. The general practice is to use no       more than 5-6 bullet  points per slide. The quality and depth of your   speaker’s   notes will be  significantly factored into your grade.

  Title and      reference slides  should be included. These do not count   toward the 10- to     12-slide  requirement. In addition to providing   references on a reference     slide, you  need to cite your material in the   slides as appropriate; use APA     format for  your references and citations.   

Suggestions for Searching for Illustrations

Use at least 3 images  in the presentation. When looking for illustrations to   use, it is suggested  that you type the subject into a search engine and click    “images.” For your  presentation, you are allowed to copy and paste images       (being sure to cite and  reference them). However, you are NOT allowed to copy     and paste content, such  as text, tables, and the like. As much as possible,      your presentation needs to  be in your own words. 

PowerPoint Guidance

Do you need to refresh  your knowledge concerning PowerPoint? Review this tutorial  on PowerPoint Basics.

  • Click  on the Notes tab on the right side of the tutorial screen to see a                        transcript  of the PowerPoint webinar.
  • You  can also search online for information concerning best practices                        about what  should and should not be done when creating a        PowerPoint                 presentation.


  • As  directed in the tutorial above, pay attention to the background and                        font colors  in your presentation—try to avoid using plain      black     text     on   a         white background,  but also avoid using      colors that     are     visually     difficult to       see (such as yellow       text on a light         background) or that     are unpleasant   (such     as      red text on a    yellow       background). Strive for a     pleasing,        visually     appealing         appearance.
  • Reminder: The speaker notes  should provide the detail and discussion of                        your presentation, and everything  in the presentation    should   be     in     your     own       words, not copied and pasted from a         source.

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