I have attached two labs with corresponding post lab work sheet for you to complete 1 Why 2023

2023 I have attached two labs with corresponding post lab work sheet for you to complete 1 Why

Biology 2023 I need Biology expert to answer questions for class

I have attached two labs with corresponding post lab work sheet for you to complete.


1.    Why are chromosomes important?





2.    How are meiosis I and meiosis II different?





3.    Why do you use non-­sister chromatids to demonstrate crossing over?






4.    What combinations of alleles could result from a crossover between BD and bd chromosomes?





5.    How many chromosomes were present when meiosis I started?






6.    How many nuclei are present at the end of meiosis II? How many chromosomes are in each?





7.    Identify two ways that meiosis contributes to genetic recombination.





8.    Why is it necessary to reduce the number of chromosomes in gametes, but not in other cells?




9.    Blue whales have 44 chromosomes in every cell. Determine how many chromosomes you would expect to find the following.



a.    Sperm Cell:






b.    Egg Cell:






c.    Daughter Cell from Mitosis:






d.    Daughter Cell from Meiosis II:






10.  Research and find a disease that is caused by chromosomal mutations. When does the mutation occur? What chromosomes are affected? What are the consequences?






11.  Diagram what would happen if sexual reproduction took place for four generations using diploid (2n) cells.


1.    As a cell grows, what happens to its surface area : volume ratio? (Hint: Think of a balloon being blown up). How does this ratio change with respect to cell division?





2.    What is the function of mitosis in a cell that is about to divide?






3.    What would happen if mitosis were uncontrolled?




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