I have a exam that is due March 30 2018 before 11 59 pm central 2023

2023 I have a exam that is due March 30 2018 before 11 59 pm central

Biology 2023 Biology class (nutrition) Exam #2

 I have a exam that is due March 30, 2018  before 11:59 pm central time.  This is nutrition class or biology class.  It is 50 questions and it is multiple choice and  some you might have to right answers like a full  in the blank maybe. It is timed so you have 90 minutes. So please watch  the time.  I would like a good grade on this my friend .please.  oh the  the content to study for this is in modules 7-10 so please  follow up with that before taking the exam . To be able to take this exam and to  study  and read the content and see videos  in the modules or what ever , I would have  to give you my login info to my online school.  I will pay 50.00 dollars on the 30th of march. Let  me know if you can deliver and i send login info to you my friend  

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