Human resource functions should be aligned with an organization’s strategic plan

HR Fuctions

Human resource functions should be aligned with an organization’s strategic plan because

it is the core of any company and successful business. A well-rounded HR team can help

strengthen a business in many ways. One of the requirements for a human resource department is

to be communicative. Having solid communication with upper management as well as the

current employees help the department have a better understanding what kind of goals and

strategies the company is trying to focus on. One of the important parts of an HR department is

to ensure they are hiring the correct people for the correct positions that will support the growth

of a business. Human resources provide structure, growth and constructive development and tries

to set up businesses to be successful. The work force is a competitive market and there are so

many different kinds of personalities and educated individuals, not everyone will fit the mold

that that company is searching for, human resources helps weed out the applicants that aren’t fit

and finds the ones they feel will best be suitable for the growth and wellbeing of the business.

The more detailed the strategic plan is, the better it will be overall. HR’s focus is to dig in

and decide the positions that are needed to be filled and what the job entails to fulfill the main

objectives for the company. Human resources needs to be able to fully comprehend exactly what

a business’s demands and needs are to truly ensure the people that are right for the job are the

ones that are hired and more importantly that these future employees share the same goals and

ideas that the company is trying to work towards. It has been proven that an employee who feels

they are supported in the work they are achieving for their employer typically are happier and

much more productive in their work environment. It is important for HR to create a good balance

and name for themselves within the company that builds a solid reputation for making sure the

employees are cared for appropriately and are advocated for when necessary. In order for a

company to have a solid foundation, it requires sold, dedicated employees and that’s where the

HR department comes in to heavy play, without these important components, the company could

be setting themselves up for high turnover rate and massive failure.

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