How can they navigate through leadership to get approved

How can they navigate through leadership to get approved

As seen from above, introducing the new bundle of policies involves changes in the way employees work which may seem to be a very difficult thing to adopt. But in this case the proposed processes will navigate through by ensuring the following:

Ensure that the employees understand the new policies and they should have a knowledge and tools to enable them to carry out those processes.

Help the decrease the resistance to change through making sure that the employees understand the reasons as to why there is a need to change it.

Ensure that the staff accept new policies and practices and try to make them understand that policies offer promising strategies to provide high quality care for the organization.

Identifying and minimizing barriers to use new practices

Engage all employees and management to support and buy in to the improvement effort and help to put the practices into practical shape.

Identification of the policy that need to be amended

In my case here, I need staffing policy to be to be amended. The organization needs to to hire only competent and qualified staff for certain position or if need be all positions. It means to maintain a minimum number of workers to participant ratio, and to have workers which have skills available or on call at all times. This policy may be required to pay some workers at a required level and to provide some benefits and as well make it quite possible to a number of aid staff development hours as well as opportunities from all the workers.

How the policy will improve

The qualified staff will ensure people with skills and experience are employed at this increases the competency level hence increasing the organization efficiency.

Secondly, it will ensure that the staff is capable of doing the designated work hence responsibilities will not go unattended since the worker understands his potentiality.

Commitment – this makes the employees to deliver in time to avoid many delays therefore the employee will be dedicated to his or her duties.

Brings new energy required to drive the business in a consistency manner-the new energy that is needed for the daily operations and it makes the organization to perform better.

Changes to be made to implement the policy

Change in management in relation to supporting the change. The workers should develop a level of comfort when they see the management is in support of the process.

Employee cultural change- the employee may need to adapt to the new way of doing things to support the new the change.

Ways of communication also need to change since it requires that communication to be systematic and somehow structured


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