Heart Disease Vital signs including your blood pressure and pulse are useful in everyday life Tests 2023

2023 Heart Disease Vital signs including your blood pressure and pulse are useful in everyday life Tests

Biology 2023 maQueens heart

Heart Disease

Vital signs, including your blood pressure and pulse, are useful in everyday life. Tests such as those done in the lab can help monitor health. Knowing the normal parameters can allow you to give yourself a quick check on your health. If numbers are raised when a person is at rest, or take extended periods to return to normal after exercise, this may be a sign for concern. Many forms of heart disease can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices, yet heart disease continues to cause a large number of deaths each year. In your post, think about the environment in which you live and work. What lifestyle changes could you or those around you make to improve their cardiovascular health? Review the basics in your Visualizing Human Biology text and identify at least one other credible source, such as a recently published article from the Capella library, to increase your understanding of the dynamics of these illnesses.


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