For this assignment you are to explore the context of one of the 2023

2023 For this assignment you are to explore the context of one of the

Biology 2023 Short Summary

For this assignment, you are to explore the “context” of one of the paintings or images that you found for the Tuesday assignment.  To do this, I suggest the following:
* Research the name of the painting/image and the artist.
* Look at the year of the piece, the things that were going on during that time – in history and/or in the artist’s life.   consider the “reasons” or rationale for why the artist created the piece. 
*** Write up a short summary of the context for the piece and include it with your responses below.  ***
* Then respond to the following questions:
1) How is the “context” expressed through the piece?   What aspects of the piece reflect the possible context? 
2) Does knowing the context of the piece change or evolve the way you view the piece?  Does it change its impact on you?  If so, how?  If not, why not?
Your post should be approximately 350 words, employ proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Attached: Tuesday’s night assignment you did for me.

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