For EACH of the following list their major contribution to the field of 2023

2023 For EACH of the following list their major contribution to the field of

Biology 2023 assignment

For EACH of the following, list their major contribution to the field of Immunology and describe the impact of their work in 2017. For any TWO please describe their most significant achievement and your impression of this work.



Emil von Behring

Ilya Mechnikov

Paul Ehrlich

Charles Richet

Jules Bordet

Karl Landsteiner

Sir Frank MacFarlane Burnet and Peter Medawar

Gerald Edelman & Rodney Porter

Baruj Benacerraf, Jean Dausset and George Snell

Nils Jerne

Georges Kohler and Cesar Milstein

Susumu Tonegawa

Peter Doherty and Rolf Zinkernagel

Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffman

Ralph Steinman

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