Discussion Topic 1 1 Cells have either aerobic or anaerobic metabolism Identify a cell 2023

2023 Discussion Topic 1 1 Cells have either aerobic or anaerobic metabolism Identify a cell

Biology 2023 Bviruse

  • Discussion Topic 1
  • 1. Cells have either aerobic or anaerobic metabolism. Identify a cell or tissue on the human body on which anaerobic metabolism NORMALLY (naturally) occurs? and why?
    2. Cancer cells have a different mode of metabolism than normal cells. What is the Warburg effect and how much energy does it generate compared to normal aerobic cell respiration?       
  • Discussion Topic 2  
  •  Fluorinated water, toothpastes, or oral-care products have been proved to prevent tooth decay. Based no what you learned about glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle, how does Fluorine interfere with bacterial metabolism?      
  •      Discussion Topic 3  
  • 1. Write a short summary of your critique paper for your peer reviewers indicating key concepts of your paper and the methodology/ approach used on your paper (if any).
    2. If you were to continue studying the pathogen mentioned on your paper, what would you study? Can you provide a method of how you will study it? 

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