discussion question After viewing After Darwin Genetics Eugenics and the Human Genome and It s Time 2023

2023 discussion question After viewing After Darwin Genetics Eugenics and the Human Genome and It s Time

Biology 2023 WEEK 3 Discussion Forum–Anthropology 1 (need High Quality Assignment)

discussion question :

After viewing “After Darwin: Genetics, Eugenics, and the Human Genome” and “It’s Time to Question Bio-engineering” think about the issues and benefits that have come about from the technologies discussed.  What do you believe are the greatest advancements or benefits discussed, and what or where  do you feel is the greatest potential for risk or harm? Give examples directly from the film/films to illustrate your understanding.

After viewing the required films for this module answer the following prompt

Be sure you have read all of the instructions and etiquette guidelines under the General Information section of this course.

(please watch the list of the films and also use chapter 4 chapter 5 ppt ‘s context to answer the question )

need at least 300 words )

Required Films

(If the embedded film does not load you may need to log in to the college library to watch Films on Demand portal  films.  Follow the instructions in the General Course Information section if you do not know how)

Paul Root Wolpe: It’s time to question bio-engineering

Evolutionary Biology Essentials- Watch the segments Radio Carbon and Other Dating Techniques, Absolute Dating and Fossil Dating only

Suggested Viewing: These films are short 2 to 5 minute films to help illustrate some of the concepts being discussed.

What is DNA?

What is a gene?


Video Genotypes and Phenotypes

Video Evolution of populations

Video Microevolution – Macroevolution (forces of evolution)

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