By Day 5 Respond to at least two of your colleagues postings Write 2023

2023 By Day 5 Respond to at least two of your colleagues postings Write

Biology 2023 Discussion Post Response


By Day 5

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings. Write a 1- to 2-paragraph response in which you complete the following:

  • State whether or not you agree that your colleague’s recommendation is a good one.
  • If you agree with your colleague’s recommendation, add support to his or her suggestion. If you disagree with your colleague’s recommendation, provide support for your position.

In addition, be sure you cite any references to the Learning Resources.

Refer to the Week 6 Discussion Rubric for grading details.


One policy that helps protect yellow stone is the clean water act. This act came out in 1972. The reason for this act was to protect the aiquality. Yellow stone has a class 1 air quality protection.. The reason for this act is to prohibited the distribution of pollutants. This helps keep chemical, physical and biological features of yellowstone. 

by keeping he air and water clean at Yellowstone this helps keep the animal population and plant population at a stable level. Keeping he plants healthy keeps the animals healthy, which in return keeps the cycle of life moving.,prohibiting%20the%20discharge%20of%20pollutants.



One policy that benefits the ecosystem in and surrounding Yellowstone National Park is regulations. Regulations refer to a summary that helps protect the park while visiting to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Some activities prohibited in Yellowstone are hunting or feeding wildlife, removing or possessing natural or cultural resources ( such as wildflowers, antlers, rocks, and arrowheads). (National Park Service 2011). These rules are essential to protect each individual and the team.

Bieschke, states, “In 2013, the National Park Service (“NPS”) promulgated a new rule to regulate the use of snowmobiles and snowcoaches in Yellowstone National Park during the winter months”(Bieschke,B 2011). This is another rule that was implemented at Yellowstone National Park. Also, Hinckley shares, “ Grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park area saw unprecedented growth this year after being granted protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1975, causing many hunting enthusiasts to call”(Hinckley, S. 2015). This is why hunting is not allowed in the part because at some point during certain of the year, there could be some bears hanging around, and that could be very dangerous. So it is my recommendation to know all rules before taken a visit to the Yellowstone National Park so that everyone will have a safe and fun experience.


BIESCHKE, B. (2016). Challenging the 2013 Rule Implementing Regulations on Oversnow Vehicle Use in 

Yellowstone National Park. Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review43(2), 541–573.

Hinckley, S. (2015). Why hunting of Yellowstone grizzly bears could resume. The Christian Science Monitor.

National Park Service. (2011). Yellowstone National Park. Retrieved from

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