Assignment 2 Chapter 2 Active Learning For this assignment please refer to the directions on page 39 2023

2023 Assignment 2 Chapter 2 Active Learning For this assignment please refer to the directions on page 39

Biology 2023 biology

Assignment 2 Chapter 2:  Active Learning

For this assignment, please refer to the directions on page 39 of your text for the Active Learning Assignment.  Please follow the directions as outlined in this assignment.  You will need to analyze very carefully what you eat and where your food items came from.  Notice the word analyze.  This means to discuss.  DO NOT GIVE ME SIMPLE answers such as grass-cow-me.  As this may get complicated very quickly, you may want to choose only a few items and trace them completely to their roots. 

In addition, make sure that you answer every single part of the question asked.  If you do not, you will lose significant points on the assignment.  There are several parts to this question.

For the assignment, you will need to double space your work, use complete sentences and correct grammar.  If you wish to make drawings of food webs instead, that is fine, but you still must answer the questions that are part of the Active Learning Assignment.  Just scan your drawings, and upload them.  Be sure to place your name and date on your assignment.

Directions for submitting your assignment:

When you have completed the written assignment, save the file on your computer with your name as part of the file name, for example: Firstname_Lastname_Chapter 2-2ActiveLearning [using your first and last name].


Click on the assignment’s link above.


Click on the “Browse” button to attach your file.


Once you have attached your file, click on the “Submit” button to send your file to your instructor for grading. 



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