Answer this question with 500 words minimum Reference at least two sites 2023

2023 Answer this question with 500 words minimum Reference at least two sites

Biology 2023 Nutrition Discussion Post

Answer this question with 500 words minimum

 Reference at least two sites you visited on this topic (APA or AMA citation)


How might taking vitamin pills have both positive and negative affects on your body based on your diet? What is your opinion of taking supplements?  

 Respond to these three comments 

Each response should have a minimum of 200-300 words

1.  I think that taking vitamin pills can benefit the body if a person is not getting the right amount of nutrients or vitamins from their diet alone, but on the other hand I do not think that they are necessary. I think that some vitamin pills can benefit the body because they are able to help the body. I think they can also benefit people as they age, so that they are able to maintain better health. For example, calcium and vitamin D are obtainable from the diet but can also be put in the body through vitamins, and they are very important because they keep bones strong and prevent bone loss. Those vitamins would be helpful for someone who has a vitamin D deficiency or is lactose intolerant because they would be able to put calcium and vitamin D in the bodies by taking a vitamin pill. For a person that has a diet that includes a wide variety of foods they would not need to take dietary supplements. People that might need them would be people that don’t intake enough calories, pregnant women that need to take prenatal vitamins, or people with dietary restrictions. Vegans and vegetarians might have a hard time receiving all the necessary nutrients because they cut major food groups out of their diet, so taking vitamins would help put things like calcium in their body. By taking out things like dairy or protein from animals they are keeping important vitamins and other things from their bodies. It is important that they get those things from other resources. They can also help people with food allergies because they have dietary restrictions and are not fulfilling their bodies needs because of them. The vitamin pills and dietary supplements can help replenish the body of the things that they are missing. Vitamins and supplements can be good for these people because vitamin pills and supplements are ways to provide body with the things that are missing from the diet. There is the problem that with taking the pills and supplements because they are manufactured different things can be put in them, so people need to make sure that they are reading the labels of all vitamins and supplements to ensure they have what they need in them. For a person that is healthy and has a well-balanced diet taking vitamins or dietary supplements would be adding unnecessary things to the body that it doesn’t need because they are already fueling the body through their diet. I think that vitamin pills and dietary supplements can benefit the body depending on the person, but it is important to fill the body up with nutrients as naturally as possible this way the foods can be used up to their potential. People need vitamins to live a healthy life, so if they need to they should take vitamins to help ensure their daily health. Vitamin pills and dietary supplements have their pros and cons but they are mainly dependent on who needs to take them in order to benefit their health. 

2.  A very common misconception is that vitamins can compensate for a poor diet which lacks the required amount of fruits and vegetables. An individual need to eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables in their system in order to maintain a proper diet and keep balance in the body. Although a general multivitamin a day can help if an individual has an insufficient diet. Everyone is “allowed” to consume vitamins, but they are usually “given” to those who are pregnant, elderly, consume alcohol in great amounts, and breastfeeding moms. This gives them the extra push in their diet to maintain balance. High intake of vitamins can be harmful, specifically vitamins A, D, E, and K. Especially high intake of vitamin A can be harmful unless there is a proven deficiency that is being addressed. Certain diseases and situations do require supplements, but it is advised that they be taken with advice from an accredited dietician. Although evidence has yet to be found, vitamin E is referred to as the “fountain of youth” and preventative in cardiac disease. An individual’s diet should be the primary source of acquiring the needed vitamins, but due to the hectic lifestyles sometimes the vitamins consumed become depleted. That is when individuals are urged to take supplements to recover from the depletion. One thing to keep in mind is that although vitamins claim to be natural, most of them, around 90% of vitamins are synthetic. Which leads me to say, one should always know what they feed their body. It is also important to understand that vitamins are not a cure for preexisting conditions and are in no way preventatives. They are simply there to keep the body at balance. It is also urged to speak to your healthcare provider prior to making any decision regarding your health. In my personal opinion, I do not see an issue with taking supplements as a helper system when life is running you thin. I do not in any way recommend or suggest that one rely completely on supplements in order to maintain their recommended level of vitamins. The first thing should be an individual’s diet. It is highly important to maintain a good and well-rounded diet which includes foods, vegetables and etc. if then one falls short, they can fall back on vitamins. As a student myself, I take a multivitamin every day to make sure my system is running at its best. Sometimes as college students stress takes over, and one day we consume all the food in the fridge while the next day we can’t even seem to take a bite, in situations of stress like these vitamin supplements come in handy. Depending on the vitamins completely is absurd and can be harmful in the long term. As an individual who does take a multivitamin daily, I rely mainly on my diet and see it as a helper to my diet and overall health. Nothing in moderation can hurt the body, but also anything out of its limits can be harmful to the body. 

3.  Taking vitamins can have both positive and negative affects towards your body. Vitamins are micronutrients meaning that our body only requires a small because our body cannot produce them, also known as, essential nutrients.  Most of the vitamins we need can be consume by eating fruits, veggies and whole grains. Taking supplements should not be use to replace a healthy diet because most of it comes from the food we eat.

Eating a balanced diet can help intake appropriate amounts of vitamins without having to take supplements. In the article, Vitamins- Common Misconceptions, explains how “a single vitamin being eaten alone” is not the answer and “it may not be as effective.” The article also states that vitamins like “vitamin B6 has been linked with nerve damage when taken in large doses” and “excessive amounts of vitamin C in the body can also interfere with medical tests, such as diabetes tests, giving a false result.” High levels can result in to toxicity risk that can lead to symptoms such as, kidney stones, headaches, upset stomach, itching, etc. I do agree that taking vitamin pills should not be consume for an energy source or to help with depression, stress or anxiety. It may be dangerous for people who take medication to take vitamin pills as well. There are certain people who can benefit the most by consuming vitamin pills on a daily base. Jessica Bruso in The Pros & Cons of Vitamin Supplements, states how, “pregnant women can benefit from taking a prenatal vitamin” also, “people who eat less than 1,200 calories per day, strict vegetarians and people who have conditions that decrease the amounts of vitamins and minerals.”

In my opinion, taking supplements should not be a necessity unless you have an unbalanced diet. I’d like to think that it is not healthy to take so much of vitamin pills because it is easier and even taste better if you take it when you eat a healthy meal. Taking a pill is not in my daily routine to do. However, I do take protein supplements. My goal is to gain weight and maintain it. It is difficult for me to eat enriched meals five times a day due to not having enough time throughout the day. But because my current goal is to gain weight, I balanced my exercise and my diet. I usually take my protein shake after my workouts or in the morning for breakfast. Not only do I rely on my supplement, I like to make sure I eat enough greens and whole wheat in my meal after I’m done exercising. When I do take it in the mornings for breakfast, it helps me throughout the day until I am able to have my next meal. So far, taking supplements is not all that bad because it helps people who may have a vitamin deficiency or may need it for other situations.adequate amount of it. For the most part, it is obtained by the food we eat 

Each response should have a minimum of 200-300 w

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