A personality test would assess all of the following characteristics of a job applicant except

There is some evidence that the typical interview is __________ predictor of job performance.

a. a very poor
b. generally a good
c. the most consistent
d. an excellent
e. not generally a good
generally a good

Yuki recently accepted a job offer as a financial analyst for a large consulting company. On his first day at work, Edward, a senior analyst with many years of experience, says to Yuki, “Just watch what I do for a few days. I’ll help you learn as you work.” Yuki is receiving:

a. a realistic job preview.
b. social learning.
c. on-the-job training.
d. development.
e. none of these.
on-the-job training.

Which of the following refers to learning informally from others by using social media tools, including mobile technologies, social media, wikis, and blogs?

a. Shadowing
b. Mentoring
c. Guiding
d. Social learning
e. Apprenticeship
Social learning

A culture that accepts only one way of doing things and one set of values and beliefs is referred to as:

a. pluralism.
b. a monoculture.
c. a preferred culture.
d. a dominating culture.
e. a primary culture.
a monoculture.

Paying a woman less than a man for the same work is an example of:

a. gender discrimination.
b. stereotyping.
c. prejudice.
d. sexual harassment.
e. ethnic discrimination.
gender discrimination.

Lucinda wanted to set up her team so that it would be highly creative and innovative. Which of the following teams is most likely to produce creative and innovative ideas?

a. A team that has similarity of perspective
b. A team that is highly cohesive
c. A team with extensive training in how to handle the problem area
d. A team with different backgrounds and skill sets
e. A team with large amounts of experience
A team with different backgrounds and skill sets

Which of the following means that an organization accommodates several subcultures?

a. Geocentricism
b. Ethnocentrism
c. Monoculturalism
d. Pluralism
e. Ethnorelativism

Josephine would like to become part of an elite manager network at her company so she can get access to general and line-management experience to help her succeed within the company. However, she learns that the manager network is made up exclusively of men. This demonstrates which factor affecting women’s careers?

a. Ethnorelativism
b. The glass wall
c. The glass ceiling
d. The female advantage
e. The opt-out trend
The glass ceiling

An example of __________ is when current employees are given preference when a position opens in their organization.

a. internal recruiting
b. discrimination
c. external recruiting
d. nepotism
e. cannibalizing
internal recruiting

Blayne is interviewing for an IT specialist position at a technology firm. His interviewer informs him that he will ask him a set of standardized questions that are being asked of every applicant interviewing for the same position. This can best be described as what type of interview?

a. Panel
b. Biographical
c. Nondirective
d. Structured
e. Extreme

A(n) __________ is used for collecting information about an applicant’s education, previous job experience, and other background characteristics.

a. affirmative action form
b. realistic job preview
c. performance appraisal
d. employment test
e. application form
application form

Which of the following federal laws restricts mandatory retirement?

a. Americans with Disabilities Act
b. Civil Rights Act
c. Vocational Rehabilitation Act
d. Age Discrimination in Employment Act
e. None of these
Age Discrimination in Employment Act

Which of the following is the most common type of training?

a. On-the-job training
b. Social learning
c. Developmental training
d. Corporate university
e. Classroom training
On-the-job training

The strategic approach to human resource management (HRM) recognizes key elements. Which of the following is not an ingredient in successful HRM?

a. All managers are involved in managing human resources.
b. Employees are viewed as assets.
c. Human resource management is a matching process. d. Only top-line managers are predominantly human resource managers.
e. All of these are examples of key ingredients in HRM.
Only top-line managers are predominantly human resource managers.

Which of the following practices do high-achieving young professionals consider most important to their career development?

a. Support from senior management
b. Mentoring
c. Working on an inherited problem
d. Being involved in high-stakes jobs
e. Coaching

The Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide up to __________ unpaid leave for childbirth, adoption, or family emergencies.

a. 4 weeks
b. 60 days
c. 8 weeks
d. 12 weeks
e. 30 days
12 weeks

In utilizing the matching model of employee selection, the organization offers __________ and the employee offers __________.

a. inducements; contributions
b. ability; training
c. contributions; meaningful work
d. contributions; inducements
e. commitment; rewards
inducements; contributions

A(n) __________ outlines the knowledge, skills, education, physical abilities, and other characteristics needed to perform a specific job adequately.

a. job specification
b. job description
c. employment test
d. realistic job preview
e. application form
job specification

A personality test would assess all of the following characteristics of a job applicant except:

a. agreeableness.
b. reasoning abilities.
c. emotional stability.
d. creativity.
e. openness to learning.
reasoning abilities.

In the __________ process, employers assess applicants’ characteristics in an attempt to determine the “fit” between the job and applicant characteristics.

a. recruiting
b. development
c. selection
d. training
e. orientation

FirstTrack, a fitness equipment manufacturer, has just purchased Runnerz Inc., a start-up company, for $15 million. FirstTrack plans to shut down Runnerz but retain over 75 percent of the staff. This is an example of:

a. blind hiring.
b. employer branding.
c. start-up consolidation.
d. acqui-hiring.
e. fast track hiring.

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