1 HDFS 101 Paper 3 40 points What is Paper 3 The goal of Paper 2023

2023 1 HDFS 101 Paper 3 40 points What is Paper 3 The goal of Paper

Biology 2023 research paper in life span class, pretty easy but I want to save time for the exam tommorrow and i want A+ IN IT


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HDFS 101 Paper #
3 (40 points)  
What is Paper #
3? The goal of Paper #
3 is to:
1: Assess yourself in regard to the Department of Health and Human Development’s model of
-being 2: Identify two areas of the model you seek to improve. 3. Find research information
to assist you toward a chosen awareness and development of your plan for improvement of
two parts of the well
-being model.
Points for Paper #
(2 points)
.  Include your name, name of course, semester and assignment title.
The title is Paper #
3. Use APA format.
your current status based on the
20 points) include both
developmental theory and other content in the text and lecture that you think is relevant as
well as the wellbeing model. Write a paragraph for each of the parts of the model describing
where you are now, your current assessme
nt and status of:
Physical (4 points)
Intellectual (4 points)
Social (4 points)
Economic/Financial (4 points)
Emotional/Spiritual (4 points)
Where you like would to be, progress forward, is the next part of the
paper (12 points).
sider a change or concern you are facing in using the well
-being model. For example,
perhaps you wish to increase your understanding of financial well
-being as you face decisions
about student loans and employment during college. Or perhaps your inquiry br
ings you to
wish to understand the social demands of college (Social well-
being). Utilizing MSU’s Renne
locate, read, and cite, two well-
being peer
-reviewed academic journal articles
to explore
and perhaps support a change you are seeking. Select
two elements of wellbeing
you seek to
improve and write a paragraph for each based on the information gained in the new research
readings (6 points each x 2 paragraphs =12 points)
Grammar, APA citations correct, mechanics (6 points)
Please know that what is read will be kept in strict confidence.
The goal is that the process of writing Paper #
3 will help you reflect and integrate the course
content and your next step
forward as you continue your life journey

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