1 Create SMART Goals for the Fall 2018 semester Review the following video on how 2023

2023 1 Create SMART Goals for the Fall 2018 semester Review the following video on how

Biology 2023 SMART GOAL

 1. Create SMART Goals for the Fall 2018 semester.  

Review the following video on how to write SMART Goals at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-SvuFIQjK8.

  1. Design 3 goals for the Fall 2018 semester using the SMART method of goal setting. These goals can be a combination of academic, personal, or career which will enhance your quality of life, achieve academic success, strengthen your vision for your future, etc.
  2. Diagram out each goal indicating   what part of the goal is Specific, Measureable, Action, Reasonable, and Timely.

  1. For each goal chosen, develop 3 specific objectives regarding how these goals will be achieved.  These objectives should include a timeline, resources needed, and, action words, which describe how these goals, will be accomplished.
  2. What would it mean to you if these goals were achieved?  Why are these goals important for the Fall 2018 semester?

Instructions:  Write your thoughts to each of the questions outlined above. Organize the writing as you see fit. Looking forward to reading your comprehensive and detailed goals for the Fall 2018 

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